The Town: Good Crime Drama

23 Aug

The Town poster

The Town is the second film that Ben Affleck directed. It is about bank robbers. Like his directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone, The Town takes places in Boston, Massachusetts, Ben Affleck’s hometown.

Ben Affleck & Jeremy Renner in The Town

The Town has many good actors in it, including Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Blake Lively, and Jon Hamm.  Ben Affleck plays the main character, Doug MacRay, a man trying to get out of a life of crime.  Jeremy Renner plays Doug’s best friend Jem; Jem has a short temper. Rebecca Hall is Doug’s love interest; she was  taken as a hostage in the beginning of the film.  Blake Lively was literally unrecognizable as Jem’s (Jeremy Renner)  sister. She was a single mother and a drug addict.  Jon Hamm played an FBI agent investigating the bank robberies.

Jon Hamm & Rebecca Hall in The Town

The Town had a lot of action in it. There were a few flaws  in the film. For example, the FBI agents  didn’t seem to be all that smart.  They knew who the bank robbers were, but they didn’t continuously trail them.  I didn’t like that every other word was a variation of the “F” word.  Parts of the film were very violent.  As a whole, The Town was a good movie; it wasn’t great. I would rate  The Town a B+.


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