Water for Elephants: Not Just About The Circus

31 Aug

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

I just finished the novel Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. My mom had read it and liked it. In addition, a film adaptation of it comes out this Friday.

Water for Elephants film

I liked how there were so many animals in it and how Jacob had friendships with them. Jacob was an interesting character.  I also liked Marlena, Jacob’s love interest. She was married to August, but she loved Jacob. August was an unlikeable character, but he was supposed to be that way.  I was not expecting him to be a paranoid schizophrenic, although maybe I didn’t see the signs of it. He could be nice one minute but then be really angry and violent the next.

I thought Water for Elephants was well written. Besides the three main characters, I also liked some of the secondary characters—Walter, Queenie (Walter’s dog), Camel, etc.  The way the characters interacted with each other was cool.  I also liked how it would switch back and forth in time and one second Jacob would be 23, and the next second he would be 93 in the nursing home.

Jacob and Rosie in Water for Elephants

I liked how the story was about people who worked at a circus.  I liked how Rosie the elephant was considered dumb until Jacob found out that she understood Polish.  I also liked how Rosie was a troublemaker.  I liked how the novel had a happy ending:  Jacob and Marlena got married and had five children and then Jacob got to work for another circus when he was in his nineties.


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