Premium Rush: A Fast-Paced Action Movie

24 Feb

Premium Rush

Premium Rush is an action movie about bicycle messengers in New York City. The streets are filled with traffic, yet somehow the bike messengers navigate the streets to deliver the packages.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush

Wiley (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of the best bicycle messengers. He rides without brakes, which is really dangerous. He can see which routes are better to take before he takes them. He can see that if he goes this way rather than that way, a car will hit him.

One day he is asked to do a premium rush—he has to get the package to its destination by 5pm. Things go awry very quickly. After he picks up the package, a man confronts him and says he needs Wiley to give him the package. Wiley says he has to deliver it. The man (Michael Shannon) gets in his car and chases Wiley. He tries to kill him. Later, Wiley learns that the bad guy is a cop.

One of the bike messengers in Premium Rush

Wiley has to get his fellow bike messengers involved. At first they don’t want to help him, but after they realize he’s in trouble, they change their minds. The bike messengers who work with Wiley and bike messengers from other companies in New York trap the bad guy. Earlier in the film, the bad guy killed a man. That man’s buddies show up and kill the bad cop. Wiley’s ex-girlfriend’s roommate gets reunited with her son. The package is delivered to the right location.  It’s likely that Wiley and his ex-girlfriend will get back together.

Premium Rush has a lot of action in it. There are car chases. There is a cop on a bicycle who also chases Wiley because Wiley is not following the rules of the road. The bad guy is crazy. He owes money to the wrong people, money that he can’t pay back in a timely fashion. There is also a lot of humor in Premium Rush. Wiley’s ex-girlfriend states, “This is the most fun I’ve had without taking my clothes off!”

I liked Premium Rush a lot. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great as Wiley. I like to see him in leading roles; he is not usually in leading roles in other movies. Michael Shannon was good as the corrupt cop, but I thought at times he was overacting. He would yell his lines.

I recommend Premium Rush to fans of action movies. Premium Rush was a pretty good movie. I would give it a B.


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